The Administration Of Medication Errors Essay

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The administration of medication can be associated with a significant risk with it is recognized as a central feature of the nursing role. It should continue in order to avoid a possible medical malpractice continuous care. Nursing staff have a unique role usually given to patients to manage their medication and responsibilities, then they can report these identified medication errors. Some of the most distinguishable events can be related to errors in professional practice, prescribing, dispensing, distribution, and education or monitoring. Since medication errors can arise at any state of the administration process, it is essential for nursing staff to be attentive of the most commonly encountered errors. For the most part, the common of the perceptible aspects related with medication errors are due to minimal awareness about hospital policies, inappropriate implementation or latent conditions (Farinde, n.d). @Indication of technologies in hospital setting -The effectiveness of using MATs In order to decline medication errors, communication technologies is used including mobile devices, barcodes related to 2D code reading of patients and medication will diminish the chance of make a mistake while prepare and administer medication by nurses. The degree of user acceptance of the new technologies is directly related to the user experience and time-saving of tasks completed with the technology (Navas, Graffimoltrasio, Ares, Strumia, Dourado, Alvarez, 2015). Also, as a
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