The Adolescent Stage

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The adolescent stage is one in which the human being develops from being a child into an adult, or from puberty to legal adulthood. The stage consists of the transition in both the physical and the psychological contexts ("Adolescence | Psychology Today", 2016). The transaction of the adolescent is the relationship between the environments and the person (Bosma & Kunnen, 2001). This interaction influences the adolescents development as they are in the stage of their lives whereby the trying to attain autonomy of their lives from their parents/ caregivers (Bosma & Kunnen, 2001). To achieve development to emerge into adulthood there are many identity statuses one must go through in order to achieve a sucessful development (Waterman, 1999). These identity statuses are influenced by the psychosocial enviornment of the person and these are represented in identity processes (Bosma & Kunnen, 2001). Identity processes are immeadiate processing of data that affects the identity and actually holds the identity at stake (Bosma & Kunnen, 2001). However they are the building blocks to developmental processes which is the identity growth and change over the human life span (Bosma & Kunnen, 2001).

In the adolescent stage development is influenced by many factors in transaction. Looking at the whole context is important so that the identity development so that the analysis is individually based. The development will take a specific course as it is influenced by determinants, personal…
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