The Adolescents Of Alcohol Related Risks

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In this article a study was conducted on the adolescents of alcohol related risks. Most of the alcoholic drinks have been mostly used by teenagers. To see what causes these factors of teenagers drinking Dana Litt tell us the hypothesis. She stated “It was hypothesized that there would be a main effect of the norm manipulation such that participants in the user condition (those who view primarily user profiles) would report greater perceptions of older peer alcohol use and willingness to use alcohol, have more favorable prototypes of alcohol users and affective attitudes toward alcohol use, and lower perceived vulnerability compared to participants in the control condition.”(Litt, 2011) Moving onto the procedure, they used a hundred and eighty nine teenagers between the ages of thirteen and fifteen. The population that was being represented was all the adolescent of ages thirteen to fifteen. The sample was one hundred and eighty nine participants. This sample amount was selected to make sure it wasn’t bias. It was an experimental study and what was preformed was a participating study. The students or teenagers were randomly given one of the two Facebook accounts. One account showed other older students Facebook profiles where three out the four profiles showed pictures of drinking. That account was called the alcohol user condition. The other account showed other older students Facebook profiles where three out of the four profiles were not drinking. That account was called…
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