The Adonis Effect On The Lgbt Community

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The Adonis Effect and its impact on the LGBT community while doing research for my hot topic, I stumbled upon an interesting topic that I had almost completely forgotten about. When I was in high school, I watched clips taken from a documentary called the Adonis Effect. The Adonis Effect documentary took a hard look at the Gay community, specifically Gay men and their “obsession” with physical perfection, and what lengths men will go to to achieve this unrealistic ideal. I mentioned in the introduction that I had watched clips from a documentary called the Adonis Effect. The clips were of men talking about their own experiences, some who love the attention and fit the perfect mold. Others were of men who had tried for years to attain physical perfection and never could. And there were some who had completely rejected the notion of perfection and embraced who they are. This was the extent of my formal knowledge about the “Adonis Factor” but after watching those I can see very obvious themes in my own life that pertain to this phenomenon. I know from my own personal experience that gay men are more susceptible to eating disorders. I grew up hearing my mom and my aunt constantly comment about their own weight, which made me hyper aware of my own. Also while dating my ex-boyfriend, I was constantly told that if I ever got fat that he would leave me. Both of these, I believe, are the root of my eating disorder. To prepare to write this paper, I watched the entire documentary

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