The Adoption Of An Enterprisewide Dss System With The Holy Cross Health System

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This case study is looking at the experiences with the adoption of an enterprisewide DSS system with the Holy Cross Health System (HCHS). This overview of this case study will cover the how the HCHS will be able to stay ahead of the market change, how training will be able to aid in the adoption of the system, the personnel that is involved in the implementation of a new system, the return of investment for the DSS, and how the DSS will aid in the integration of the enterprise systems. Staying Ahead of Market Change There are times within every organization where management analyzes the current situations they are in with moving forward and being competitive within the healthcare industry. There are many ways management can look at…show more content…
Another aspect of staying in front of market change and business needs is to be up-to-date with technology within your organization. With the incentive program that is being implemented with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid, businesses and organizations will be able to utilize a situation where financials limit with incorporating a DSS. This incentive program, along with Meaningful Use, will help propel an organization into the next step with the market needs for the healthcare industry (CMS, 2015). These systems will help improve the delivery and quality of healthcare by reducing errors, decreasing cost by improving efficiency and quality, and improving the quality of care with better diagnosis with an evidence-based support system. With the incorporation of any new technology or procedures the need to train and keep your staff utilizing those changes is extremely important when it comes to looking into the future for you company and business plan. Utilization Training Utilizing training and education with your employees is a key aspect to keeping organizations in competitive advancement within the healthcare industry. With the implementation of any new technology, to keep up with market change, there comes the need to educate and train the users that will be utilizing that system. Training and education can come in many
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