The Adoption Of Building Information Modeling

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1.0 Introduction It has been recognised that it is common to have much higher real construction costs than what was predicted at early design and plan phrase. Poor data and information management as one of the major reasons causes costoverruns has achieved $16 billion a year in US construction industry given by recent research carried out by US NIST (2004). The adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) was then suggested and encouraged by many expertise which has been proved in many practical construction cases in the past that BIM would help to efficiently reduce the information costs throughout the construction process. In this paper the researcher will briefly introduce the background and development of BIM. The relationship between BIM adoption and project cost-saving in Architects, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry will also be analysed. Besides, this paper also aims to discuss the potential impacts of the use of BIM on total duration and project costs in construction industry. This is carried out through analysing and evaluating the benefits and innovation of project process within BIM environment. Apart from that, challenges associated with BIM technology and barriers that prevent people from adopting BIM technology will be presented in the end. 2.0 The Origin of BIM With the development of computer technology and much less costs, the adaptability of BIM collaboration during the design process has been widely embraced by construction industry.
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