The Adoption Of Information Technology

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The adoption of information technology in healthcare has dramatically improved patient care and the practice of medicine in its entirety. Health information technology (HIT or Health IT) has created, among other things, free flow, and improved communication amongst all healthcare workers and providers, patients and the community as a whole. HIT has also availed the healthcare sector better and easier access to information. So many people have placed their hopes on health information technology. The hospitals have high hopes for HIT in helping them to reduce human errors on their medical reports. Health care providers need improved care, so they place their hopes on HIT to help in having access and sharing patient information without the stress. The government and those in healthcare for business purposes also have high hopes for HIT; to help improve efficiency and at the same time save money and make more profits. Health IT has brought with it lots of new technologies that have been invented to control and disseminate health-related information (Glandon, Smaltz & Slovensky, 2014). The most common type of HIT is an electronic record system that collects, stores and organizes patients’ data and information. This system, if properly utilized, can go a long way in managing patient care, reducing lots of medical errors and in improving the efficiency of the administrative department. There has always been this frustration of lab slips getting lost, chart missing from files,
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