The Adoption Process For Children

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The adoption process domestically and internationally has been a huge topic of controversy for years. There are many reasons why couples, and even single people choose to adopt children. Some can’t have children of their own, and some are just determined to make the world better for at least one child. Many people choose to adopt international because they feel they can make a difference for some child out there somewhere, but Some people choose a different route though, some parents choose to become foster parents to children in their area who need the help first. Foster parent take children in on a more temporary basis and help them through whatever situation they are in. Adoption as most people know is a permanent solution to the child…show more content…
They will look at how clean the house is being kept, and also the state wants to make sure the perspective adoptive child will have his or her own room, or be able to share a room with a child of the same sex. The house does not have to be huge, a person can adopt a child while living in a small apartment of even a single wide trailer, and the state just has to determine that the prospective parent will have enough room to take care of the child that will hopefully be placed with them. The house also does not have to be super clean, especially if the parents has other children’ they understand that life happens, but they just want to make sure that the parents they place a child with does at least make an attempt to keep the house sanitary and clean as possible for the children living with them. Then the social workers will be asking various questions about family income, marital status, house size; and even if one has had mental medical treatment in the past. None of these questions will be a complete yes or no to the adoptive or foster parenting process, like for example if a person has undergone counseling before it can make the process longer because the state will declare need to get a signed letter from the counselor stating that the hopeful parent is indeed capable of raising children, especially children who may have emotional instabilities. If the individual takes any kind of medication then the state requires the future
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