The Adoption Process Should Be A Long Tedious Process

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The process of adoption can be a long tedious process that in the end may not be beneficial to the adopted child. Some children are unfortunate and have troubled childhoods or may be abused which can impact the emotional and cognitive development of the child. Trauma during childhood is abhorrent because the child is creating connections and mild to severe stress or abuse can significantly alter the development of the child which can lead to problems in adulthood. Children are the future and should have a healthy childhood to help them prosper in adulthood. The adoption process should be simplified, while looking out for the best interest of the child as a whole.
Adoptions agencies are supposed to be a great place to a child to adopt. They help you find the perfect babies, but it does not come without a price. Current adoption fees are way outside the price range of anyone who doesn 't have a high income level. According to a poll conducted by Adoptive Families in 2012/2013 the average cost of domestic adoption is $39,996. These adoption agencies claim to want to help children find a home, yet create a barrier for families actually wanting to adopt with ridiculous fees. They are essentially treating these babies like commodities just so they can take advantage of families that are unable to conceive, or who want to help a child in need. Children are supposed to be a gift, and bring joy, yet these agencies churn them out for profits, to the highest bidders. A higher income
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