The Adult Mind and Abilities Within

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The way a human learns is very exciting and can really go in depth when explored. The brain is in control of everything, there are endless abilities it can do and plays an enormous role in how the average human learns. There are various learning styles and theories of intelligences that can explain or even put in perspective in everything we do. Without the exploration of multiple intelligences, the knowledge of how humans learn would be irrelevant. Learning something new can be very easy or very difficult depending on the type of person and their capabilities. The only way to learn about something as humans is through our brain, but there are other factors that can be used to help along the process. Growing up the impressions of somebody…show more content…
The intelligences that were listed above are not the only ones, there are many of them out there. Linguistic intelligence would be used by a poet, logical-mathematical intelligence would be used by a scientist, musical intelligence would be used by a musician, spatial intelligence would be used by an airplane pilot, bodily kinesthetic intelligence would be used by an athlete, interpersonal intelligence would be used by a car salesman, and intrapersonal intelligence would be used by somebody that likes to be by themselves. Knowing what each of these intelligences mean can get a person started on a positive track to know exactly how that person learns. Learning something new every day is key to gaining knowledge about something and expanding the way a person thinks. Having studies and test done by experts can give anyone the basis on where to start. There have been a tremendous amount of studies over the years on the way a person learns and the different types of intelligences associated with it. MIDAS (Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales) was a study done to provide a method of obtaining a person’s type of intelligence and to see if that intelligence was dominant in that individual’s profile. The study involved seventy adults where they were given a hundred and nineteen item
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