The Adult Offender Essay

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1. What has been the primary factor in the growth in the number of individuals under correctional supervision over the past twenty years? The primary factor in the growth of individuals under correctional supervision in the past twenty years has been due to tougher laws, correctional supervision also has a broader scope of people under supervision and there are more offenders that are sentenced with drug and property offences. Correctional supervision also includes people out on bond, probation and parole.
2. Compare the increase in females versus males in terms of the number under correctional supervision. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of females under supervision on 1999, 21% were on probation and 11% in local
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7. What is the general overall goal of a prison classification system? The overall goal of a prison classification system is to maintain homogeneneity of inmates by risk of violence and escape and therefore places in prisons that are physically designed to meet theses risks.

8. Why are women now sentenced similarly to male offenders? Women are now sentenced similar to males because of sentencing guidelines and mandatory sentencing. Judges now have less discretion when sentencing.

9. How does the recidivism rate for women offenders compare to that for men? Females had less recidivism rates than the rates of men within three years after release 17.3% returned to prison for a new offense compared to 26.2% of males. and 39.4% returned without a new offense competed to 53% of males.

10. What percentage of the prison population is female? 6.8% of the prison population is female.

11. List some of the special problems faced by female inmates. Healthcare, vocational training and work opportunity, pentagonal of sexual abuse from staff, alcohol and drug use and problems relating to their children.

12. What programs do prisons have to deal with the parenting needs of female prisoners? They have child visitation, parent education, and other parenting programs.

13. How do female inmate classification systems differ from those for men? The older classification system
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