The Advanced Practice Nurse Is On The Front Lines Of Care

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The advanced practice nurse is on the front lines of care being received or falling short within their community. By having direct asses to the success and failures of health care in the community, the advanced practice nurse (APN) can be the voice of patient to the officials having an impact on health care accessibility. The purpose of this paper is to address a current problem by evaluating multiple influencing factors and investigate a policy capable of changing and providing a more positive outcome.
Problem Identification
Men and women serve in the United States armed forces in hopes of receiving the promise of a dependable income and reliable benefits. The primary influence for those joining the armed forces is tuition reimbursement followed by health care benefits (Clever, & Segal, 2013). The majority of enlisted military only serve for seven years and often work in minimum wage jobs without health insurance after departing from the military. Before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, veterans could only utilize veteran hospitals and outpatient clinics for military related health problems (United States Department of Veterans Affairs, 2016). Once the Affordable Care Act was initiated, all veterans could utilize veteran medical services for any of their health care needs. The problem needing to be addressed is the number of veteran facilities available to provide treatment for the vast amount of veterans now qualified for medical services.

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