The Advancement And Evolution Of Braking Technology

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This report consists of the literature review on the advancement and evolution of braking technology. The report focuses on the need on advancement and the solution found as Eddy current braking. It also explains the working of the eddy current brakes and the advantages and disadvantages of its uses. The scope and the future aspects of eddy current brake systems is discussed in the report.

1. Introduction 3
2. Literature Review 4
2.1 General Principle of Braking 4
2.2 Eddy Current 5
2.2.1 Magnetic Field 5
2.2.2 Magnetic Flux 6
2.2.3 Magnetic Flux Density 6
2.2.4 Magnetic Permeability 6
2.2.5 Applications of Eddy Currents 6

1. Introduction

The world today is developing rapidly is every aspect of human life whether be it the technology, money or population. This change in the surroundings has made humankind to worry about the future. The advancement in technology nowadays is more focused towards the optimum utilisation of the exhaustible natural resources. The increase in population has resulted in the increase of the sale of automobiles as well.
The advancement in technology has made the automobiles very safe, fast moving and efficient. Yet, the development in this field has not stopped, more and better ways for using the full potential of the automobiles are being discovered or invented. Nowadays, the latest development in this field is the use of Electromagnetic energy. Scientists and researchers
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