The Advancement of Police Departments

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Intro Policing is a field that is forever advancing. Different police departments are using different technologies to combat more sophisticated criminals. Criminals now a days do not have to be in your presence to steal from you or attack you, criminals can steal your information over the Internet as well as bully/harass you through social media. What I will be looking at are the different methods police departments use to deter and stop crime. These technologies include things such as social media, body cameras, and GPS vehicle pursuit darts. Are these items helping or hindering police, as well as how does the public feel about the implementation of this technology. Background In an article by CNN about how Police are using social media sites as crime fight tools. The article states “We leave small clues about our lives all over the Internet like fingerprints.” The article talks about a man named Melvin Colon who is facing charges of murder, along with weapons and drug related crimes. His page was private, however a friend of his on Facebook gave police access to Colon’s private information. Which showed incriminating posts, references to past crimes, and photos that showed gang affiliation. Other ways police use these sites are by creating fake profiles to befriend the suspect to view their private information or authorities can request private information from social networks with subpoenas or warrants. These techniques are growing popular in different police
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