The Advantage Of Mcdonalds: The Business Strategy Of Mcdonalds

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The strategic focus and organizational management has arranged McDonalds to compete effectively in an already competitive business and thus edge a competitive base in the industrial environment and enjoy a niche market for its company. McDonalds thousands of customers visiting their restaurants on a daily basis because of the skill of McDonalds to create a company’s image that strengthen people to get attached to the culture of fast food. As such, there is an appropriate customer base which McDonalds uses as a market entry strategy. Together with advertising companies that leaves the brand image in the consumer’s mind, McDonalds continue not only to enter the market but also to enlarge their market size. As a result, there a few number of strategies…show more content…
In order to do this, McDonalds restaurants must be efficient and keep everyday operations costs as low as possible. Doing so, will allow their restaurants to be superior to the other fast food restaurants because McDonalds serves food at lower prices than any other fast food company. Another important competitive advantage that the company has is that they have super fast delivery. In order to maintain this advantage over other fast food chains, the company must make the processes of cooking food simple for all their employees. It must be easy to learn and easy to get the hang off with a low failure rate to ensure the quick production and delivery of the food. These aspects of McDonald’s are what helped it become the number one fast food distributor in the world. McDonald’s does not believe in opening its restaurant without any knowledge of the local culture and tastes. The company caters to a large customers market with varying tastes and thus can’t afford to introduce products without familiarizing itself with provincial prefences in food. For this reason, McDonald’s distributes its products in foreign locations with the hel of franchises who are well aware in of that works in their

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