The Advantage Of Therapeutic Communication In Motivational

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The advantage of therapeutic communication in motivational interviewing is establishing grounds for the clients to develop self- openness and confidence to talk about their health challenges and make behavior change. In this paper, I will be discussing the importance of verbal communication skills of motivational interviewing. Verbal communication in motivational interviewing is information sharing between two or more parts by using spoken speeches to convey their intended behavior changes ( ). The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the effectiveness of verbal communication skills during motivational interviewing. In this work, I am going to focus on the four elements of communication skills: open-ended question, affirmation,…show more content…
Dart, M. (2011) mentioned in his study that open- ended question in motivational interviewing could facilitate, opening up and relaxing patients’ mind to express their health challenges (p. 16). In the above scenario, when the client expressed his health concern in detail, the physician said that, “I really understand what you been through, it is very good to understand precisely what your concern is.” In the above statement the counselor is making an affirmation, when he said “I really understand what you been through” to the client. For nurses, appreciating or showing their understanding of clients’ say are vital components of good communication skills in motivational interviewing. Hall, K., Gibbie, T. & Lubman, D.I., (2012) suggested that encouraging clients for noticeable strength and efforts towards of lifestyle behavioral change creates rapport between nurses and clients (p. 663). The counselor was also using vital elements of process of motivational interviewing such as engaging, focusing and evoking to move the client towards of behavioral change. For instance, when the client finished his talk and paused, the counselor responded to him, “it seems you enjoy eating fast food mostly chicken burger and meat soup, but lately you started to, think about the increase of
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