The Advantage Of Waterborne Illnesses In The United States

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In the United States and in other privileged countries we take advantage of water. For instance, I believe many people let the water run while brushing their teeth, or letting the shower run before getting in it. People in other countries would be grateful enough to use a quarter of the water we use daily. In one day, I use around 155 gallons a day. I use water without thinking about it when flushing the toilet, washing my clothes, using the dishwasher, watering plants outside, fixing food, brushing my teeth, showering, and washing my hands. Because I’m so privileged, I don’t recognize doing these things because they're such a habit. If I could only use only 5 gallons a day, I would have to choose what that water would be used on. I would have to set aside water for the the things that are essential like drinking water and cooking. I would have to choose on things like cleaning clothes and dishes, brushing my teeth, washing my hands, showing, and everything else. Because I’m so privileged, it’s really hard to imagine living on only 5 gallons a day.
Waterborne illnesses in general are such problem in third world countries because of the lack of clean water. For instance, cholera is such a problem in third world countries because people don’t have proper restrooms. The water is being polluted with feces and when people drink the water receive the illness. You can also receive cholera by eating a contaminated food. Another example of a waterborne illness is shigellosis,
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