The Advantage of Having a Hybrid Car in Kosovo

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Hybrid Car. The Advantage of having one in Kosovo
Is hybrid car a good investment ? Yes or No
Kosovo is landlocked and possesses many mineral resources, mainly coal, lead, zinc, chromium, and silver. Current industrial activity and a legacy of former practices have heavy health and environmental impacts and generate economic losses. These environmental issues relate to air pollution, lead and other contamination from mining, water pollution and availability, degradation of forests and land, and untreated municipal and hazardous waste

All advanced industrialized societies face the problem of air pollution produced by motor vehicles. In spite of striking improvements in internal combustion engine technology, air pollution
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This will, in the long run, lead to more affordable hybrid cars. In the end, affordable hybrid vehicles could provide a big boost to the ailing automobile industry.

Traditionally Fueled Vehicles
• Any increased demand for hybrid vehicles will, conversely, lead to a decrease in demand for gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles. While this will not be a direct one-to-one ratio, a certain decrease in demand for traditional vehicles should be expected. Those manufacturers who fail to offer enough suitable options in hybrids could eventually find themselves in dire financial straits.
Personal Impact
• While the energy companies may not get as much of your money, you may or may not see a net benefit financially. A simple fuel savings calculator can give you a rough idea of how much you will save by switching to a hybrid vehicle. However, at the present rate of price differences between higher-priced hybrid cars and traditional cars, it is almost impossible to save enough in fuel to make up the difference. estimates it would take driving 120,000 miles before the cost difference between a hybrid Toyota Prius and a traditional Toyota Corolla was made up in fuel savings.

Energy Companies
• Perhaps the sector of the economy with the most to lose due to the economic impact of hybrid cars is the energy sector. In 2009, the Wall Street Journal first
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