The Advantages And Benefits Of School Uniforms In Schools

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“School forces unique individuals to think, act, and, look alike.” (Mokhonoana). Schools have now enforced a new rule in schools, in which students have to arrive on campus with their assigned uniforms on. School uniforms have many advantages and disadvantages, but this may affect students more than parents and teachers. Although school uniforms decrease the rate of bullying, in fact, by adding school uniforms, students have a limit on dress choices to express themselves and the struggle with uniform cost to afford school uniforms. Some benefits of having school uniforms is keeping the student’s focus on school and not on their outfits. The National Association of Secondary School Principals stated that by having school uniforms, students are less concerned on how they look like or how anyone could be possibly judging them. If students were to wear uniforms and focus more on school, their education level would increase by at least ten percent Enforcing the rule of uniforms in school has a great impact on school rates and statistics. According to Harden, fighting in schools has dropped by thirty eight percent. Since most fights are about what people are wearing and judging each other on how expensive their clothes can be, students make fun of each other because of that reason. Enforcing uniforms, fighting has gone down and is more peaceful in school. Most school suspensions have dropped by ninety percent and promoted positive student behavior by ninety five percent. As

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