The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Democracy

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Democracy originated from the Greek word demos (meaning people) and kratia(meaning power). It is a thought that lead a country to give an atmosphere that unites equivalent gains and prospects for the common man. Democracy is defined as rule by the people especially as a form of government either directly or through elected representatives. Democracy is probably the fairest way in which a country can select a ruler or president. This is because with democracy everyone has a say in who will control the country and this is its main advantage. It also helps the public feel that they are of some importance and their views are considered. For the past years democracy has been the majority way of choosing a leader around world.
There are many advantages and disadvantages to this political scheme and these have to be considered in making a decision on the type
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Corruption with many leaders will destroy the economy but corruption with one leader may even have an insignificant effect on the economy of the country.
Having a dictatorship will also reduce time wastages in making decisions. For example when a rule is made by the dictator he answers to no one so it is quickly implemented unlike with democracy where the rule has to go through several groups of people before it can be part of the law.
With dictatorship there are often very low crime rates and this is because rules are very strict and one can be brutally punished for the smallest mistakes. So people won’t commit crimes out of fear.
There is also very fast progression of projects. This because one person controls the country and resources so they can easily be focused on one task there by completing it faster than when using
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