The Advantages And Disadvantages Of English As An International Language

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Introduction English is an international language and is spoken in all kind of countries both native and foreign language. In addition it is the ultimate spoken language worldwide, and it is measured as a universal language. Also, English has become a vital part of an international society, economy and culture because it has become a worldwide language. All over the earth people know many English words, pronunciation and meaning. Even though, every country on this planet, it has taught English in schools. English language is an exciting and active language spoken by 320 million people as their origin language. Knowing English give you what it take to succeed, whether you’re aiming to be a doctor or a professor, banker or a reporter.…show more content…
Assuming an international language policy is not easy, and companies perpetually stumble along the way. An assessed 565 million people use it on the internet (Neeley, n.d.). It is radical, and it is almost certain to meet with staunch resistance from employees. Via 1.75 billion people worldwide that speaks English at a beneficial level (Neeley, n.d.). There are nearby to 385 million native speakers in countries like Australia and United State, the fastest spreading language in our history (Neeley, n.d.). Also, millions of people around the world who have studied it as a second language. Many may feel at a disadvantage if their English is not good as others. But English will almost be the common ground to survive and prosper in a worldwide economy and companies must overcome language…show more content…
English is the best language in the world and perfectly suited to being the international language. In many places, you will have completely gone through English, when you want to check into your hotel, ask someone for a place you want to go and order food in a restaurant. If you are an English speaker, you do not have any work to do in learning international language as it should be the advantage over everyone else. Pretty much the only reason you ever need to talk to other person is to get an air conditioned bedroom or French fries. Taking pictures of the places and going on bundle tours is the most important things to do in other countries. Actually getting to know the local is a waste of your precious travel

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