The Advantages And Disadvantages Of School Uniforms

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School uniform has many advantages and disadvantages. I believe that uniform is good but it depends on the person. First of all, school uniforms help students concentrate in class. If you are wearing a school tie and blazer you will work better than if you wear your hoodie and jeans. If you wear whatever you want you will not be in a mind set to work. In your head, you still think you’re at home and don’t need to work to the best of your ability. If you wear your whole school uniform so, Blazer, shirt, tie and smart trousers you will be in the mind set to work and the quality of work will be a lot better. This also applies to homework when I get home I get changed into more comfortable clothes. When doing my prep I can’t concentrate as my mind isn’t wanting to do work as I’m not wearing a school uniform. Secondly, when wearing your comfortable home clothes you are more likely to be bullied. You could be bullied for wearing a weird t-shirt or wearing pink shoes instead of red. This causes people to hate school life and might be depressed or will spend a lot of money trying to fit in. This can be stop by enforcing a set school uniform where everyone is wearing the same things. This stops bullying about clothes as everyone is wearing the same thing so if they try to bully someone about their clothes they will just be dissing themselves. Another reason is, children are more likely to be punctual to school in the morning as they wear the same things every day, just changing
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