The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Switch Mode Power Supply

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Packaging is a process to eliminate the direct contact between product and environment. In every small and big industry, it is necessary to seal and package the product for protecting from environment and for better life of the product. In 19th century, industries were using candles for sealing. In last few years, many sealing machines were developed. These machines are highly automated, which have very high cost. So, these machines are not affordable by small scale industries. In small industries, they are using impulse heat sealer machine. But, there are losses of plastic packaging material due to manually press. To overcome these problems, we will design a machine, which is semi-automatic and less laborious and which will have less initial…show more content…
For this work, it requires power to run, which is done by electrical motor.
As we require less pressure, we are using a portable air compressor. Figure 4.2 Portable Air Compressor

Switch Mode Power Supply(SMPS)
It is an electronic power supply that contains a switching regulator to convert the electric power efficiently. It transfers the power from DC to AC sources (mains power) to DC loads. SMPS dissipates no power.
The main advantage of SMPS is greater efficiency, because the switching transistor dissipates a little power when acting as a switch. It has smaller size and light weight, hence no requirement of heavy transformers. Also, power loss is less than transformers. Figure 4.3 Switch Mode Power Supply(SMPS) Non-Return Valve
Non-return valve is also called check valve or one-way valve. It allows the air to flow only in only one desired direction.
Check valves are generally small, inexpensive and simple design. Check valves work automatically and most are not controlled by a person or any external control; accordingly, most of the valves do not have any valve handle or stem.

Figure 4.4 Non-Return
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Figure 4.5 Air Storage Tank
Compression of air creates heat; hence, after compression, air is warmer. Expansion removes heat; hence it is required to give heat after compression, because after expansion, the air will be much colder. If the heat generated after compression can be stored in the storage tank and used during expansion, the efficiency of the storage tank can be improved Solenoid Operated Direction Control Valve
Direction Control Valve (DCV) allows the air flow to flow in different paths from different resources. It contains a spool inside, which is electrically controlled by solenoid. Figure 4.6 5/2 Solenoid operated direction control valve

For actuation of double acting cylinder, we can use 4/2 or 5/2 direction control valve. But in Pneumatic system, air is exhausted to atmosphere. Hence, there is no requirement of return lines. Also, construction of 5/2 is easier than 4/2 valve. Hence, cost of 5/2 valve is less than 4/2 valve. Tubes For Air Delivery
There are different materials used for tubing in pneumatic systems: Polyurethane PVC Nylon Polyethylene Teflon-PTFE (polytetrafluroethylene) Figure 4.7 Teflon
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