The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Procrastination

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Both articles from the unknown author and John Michael Federici are discussion on the advantages and drawback of procrastination. The first article is titled Procrastination: A Positive or Negative by John Michael Federici. It was published on October 18, 2015. The other article titled The Causes and Effect of Procrastination by unknown author. It was published on in November 2013. The first article, the author, Federici question if it is true that procrastination is a negative attitude or practice. He also wonders if procrastination could have certain positive impact and advantages that not many of us foresee. As for the second article, the author, discussed about the causes of procrastination and what is the
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Most of us often think that procrastinating task will means that we undoubtedly ruining it as we might not have enough time to do it properly. I personally ruminate that it depends on what situation we are in. If we indeed have difficulties in doing the task, I consider it necessary for us to step back for a while so that we can relax our brain so that we can have clearer mind. According to S.Mcclathy (2015) procrastinating our task, we can boost our energy and critical thinking as fear of the upcoming dateline will rush our adrenaline hence boosting our creative mind. That fear releases adrenaline, a natural pain killer, and feeling less pain makes doing difficult or less desirable tasks easier. Energy is the strongest benefit of procrastination (S.Mcclathy, 2015). Based on my experience I generally agree with this point because I had procrastinated my task a few time back then and surprisingly I managed to think better when I rushed myself to get it done. The fear of failure to submit the task on time triggered me to think beyond what I can. Being a procrastinator myself, believe that it is true sometime we can work and perform better under pressure. If you have a huge, important task ahead of you, it's natural to procrastinate because it's so…show more content…
I had my eyes on his stance which stated that the habit of procrastination is caused by the personality of the individuals. He also mention that fear of failing the task is the reason why we tend to procrastinate the task. I would say that I have the same opinion with the author on this. We usually tend to work on something that we have faith and knowledge because, it is easier for us to start and keep it on the right track without fear of being rejected or fail. Fear of failure made us prefer to push the task aside as we believe that we are not ready yet to get it done. Fear often manifests itself as procrastination. Most people fear failure, criticism and rejection. It’s only normal. We all want to feel good about ourselves. Failure, criticism and rejection are not pleasant experiences. They lower our self-esteem and make us feel bad about ourselves, so we often avoid doing things that we think might lead to failure, criticism or rejection (B. Bilanich,
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