The Advantages Of Authoritative Parenting

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The Advantages of Authoritative Parenting As a parent, there is an abundance of techniques and worries to consider when raising children. What school should they attend? What neighborhood should they grow up in? What food should they eat? What should they be involved in? The list goes on and on, yet one of the most underlooked topics of parenting to consider is decision making. Decisions are a constant part of life, and as a parent, you not only make them for yourself, but also for your children. The most common forms of decision making in parenting have been categorized into three individual styles, and it can be difficult to determine which one is most effective and most beneficial. As I have personally experienced, the kind of person a…show more content…
This often leads to emotional damage and can cause more negative results than positive ones. Growing up, I personally felt the echoes of authoritarian parenting, as my parents seemed to be abnormally strict compared to my other friends. From not being able to watch Disney Channel and Nickelodeon to walking alone downtown to using the restroom by myself, it seemed there was always something I was begging my parents to be able to do that they were constantly shutting down with a no. At the time, it was infuriating; it felt like everything I did in my life had some sort of limitation. However, looking on those experiences now, I realize why those limitations were put in place. The decisions my parents made for me were out of caution because they love me. For example, the book Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner discusses the reluctance behind letting a child stay at the home of a gun-owner. Even if the statistics do not prove that this is a highly dangerous situation, it initiates a feeling of fear in a parent that their child is not in a safe environment. When looking at statistics, you can see that the amount of children that die from a gunshot in this situation are very few, yet that doesn’t seem to comfort the worry of parents. This same example can be referred to my parents as well. Everything my parents restrained me from was not irrational; it was a measure of protection. Logic and data aside, they wanted me to stay safe
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