The Advantages Of Being An Immigrant

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Eating, drinking, walking, being, if you are an immigrant those are privileges not a right. If you live a mile south of an imaginary line you don’t have the rights to a proper education or a job that pays enough to live. If you are tan all year round you can’t eat at a pizza place without getting stares. If you can’t speak english, even though that’s not even the national language, you are an outcast, a menace, an alien. There are four, specific, boys out there that even though all these odds were stacked against them they succeeded. They prevailed even when they weren’t suppose to. Even when Uncle Sam said no. Being an American literally means to be a foreigner who accepts the ideals of the nation. The founders of our country were foreigners who founded/accepted our way of living. They moved in and changed everything up and then created a new set of standards that make our country what it is today. It’s just a bit convenient that there are other trying to take advantage of that same privilege…show more content…
Throughout the book I tended to forget the severity of the situation. I forgot that these kids could get kicked out of the country at any point. It also helped because i was able to connect to them more. They are faces on a screen, not just words on a page. They had a back story, a present story, and a future story as soon as I saw them. They were real and they were a hero to so many. These boys were able to accomplish the impossible, but even the word impossible says ‘I’m possible.’ They were able to look fear in the face and say bring it on. They wanted to accomplish so they did. This isn’t something Niacc students are well familiar with. We know little struggle like these kids have learned/experienced. This is why I believe that this book was a worthy novel for us students to read. We got a more hands on experience of what it means to struggle and what it means to succeed even when the odds say we
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