The Advantages Of Jigsaw Technique

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Many students have a problem in learning process. The objective of learning English for students in Senior High School is to master four basics skills such as reading, speaking, writing, and listening. As a teacher, using the approach in teaching is very important, because that can to help the students mastering the four basic skills in English. English as a subject matter in school covers four basic language skills. Reading is the complex ways in learning English.
Teaching reading is one of the important skills that will support it in students’ daily interaction because students will gain information from many resources and finally it increases their knowledge. Now days, most of the students especially the tenth grade in that school are
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Aronson assumed that jigsaw technique is a really simple technique to apply as it is free for the taking and most teachers enjoy working with jigsaw technique. From the description above, jigsaw technique is considered to have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are seen to be useful for both teachers and students. Many teachers that have ever applied Jigsaw technique enjoy in applying it. The Disadvantages of Jigsaw Technique
Elliot Aronson also identified some of the disadvantages of Jigsaw technique, such as:
a. The problem of dominant student, the self interest of the group eventually reduces the problem of dominance.
b. The problem of the slow student, teachers must make sure that students with poor study skills do not present an inferior report to the jigsaw group.
c. The problem of bright students becoming bored, boredom can be a problem in any classroom, regardless of the learning technique being used.
d. The problem of students who have been trained to compete, it can happen when the students have already undergone the cooperative learning before.
2.2 Hypothesis
It’s predicted that the using of Jigsaw technique can not give significant effect on students’ reading
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