The Advantages Of Medical Sensor Networks

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Medical Sensor Networks have unique constrictions as compared to conventional networks making the execution of security measures impractical. Medical Sensor Networks aspire to develop the breathing healthcare and monitoring services, particularly for the aged people, kids and persistently ill.
There are numerous advantages accomplished with Medical Sensor Networks. To commence with, remote monitoring potential is the foremost advantage of MSN. With remote monitoring, the recognition of urgent situations for menace patients will become simple and the people with distinct degrees of processes and physical immobility will be facilitated to have a more sovereign and trouble-free life. The small kids and offspring will also be concerned for in a more protected way while their blood relations are away. The individual care givers reliability will be reduced.
In Medical Sensor Networks applications, a real time is really a soft real time system, in which delay is allowed to some extent (Kang G.Shin & Parameswaran Ramanathan 1994). Recognizing crisis situations like heart attacks or unexpected fall down in a small amount of time will be sufficient for conserving lives, taking into account that without them these circumstances will not be known
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The security requirement for this subsystem includes validating the proper identity of the source and not altering the patient data, except for combination or other defined alterations (Wolfgang Leister et al 2008). The security scheme presented in (Fei Hu et al 2008) utilizes a session key buffer to overcome gateway attacks. The time delay between the receiving new session key and using it facilitates finding the gateway conciliation. The scheme also brings resolution to the man-in-the-middle attacks, session key and false data injection. In Table 1, the summary of security constraints is specified and achievable solutions are provided (H S Ng et al
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