The Advantages Of Online Shopping Vs. Traditional Shopping

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Many people have felt the way I’ve felt after a long day of work and school, all you want to do is lay in bed and relax, but you have to go shopping; or, you’re at work scrolling through the internet and see the perfect pair of shoes, well in my case heels, usually I think to myself “I have to have those”. Here’s the only problem that I usually encounter, the stores are closed by the time I get off of work, but I can always purchase those pairs of heels online. Most people would say that online shopping and traditional shopping are exactly the same thing, will with my experience they’re totally different from each other.
According to shop navigator “one of the main advantages of online shopping is the elimination of the need to drive somewhere to buy something.” Which is true you don’t have to waste your gas just to go to the mall when you can just get what you want online. Another advantage would be the reviews that you get to read about the products that are online; when you’re at the store it’s hard to actually trust the salesperson, because it’s their job is to sale you the item. I don’t know about most people; but, when I’m shopping for clothes I don’t look for the most expensive clothing store, it’s quite the opposite actually. I used to shop at this store online called “Wish”, mainly because it was cheap and some of the clothes had great quality; but, before I’d actually buy the item I’d scroll down to the reviews section and over the years that’s been a huge help.
With every advantage there’s a disadvantage, and online shopping certainly has a lot of them. One major disadvantage would be fraud, which is related to my number one rule “never post your credit card information online”. When you’re shopping online you don’t know who’s trying to steal your information and you don’t know if you’d actually get the stuff that you purchased; according to Investopedia “PayPal states that your information is encrypted with the highest level commercially available”; but can we really trust that, there’s always a loophole with situations like this.
Another problem that I’m currently aware of from previous experience is security. A couple of months ago I ordered two iPhones from T-Mobile, I was notified of their
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