The Advantages To A Consumer In The Remote Amazon

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Luigi Vittatoe
Professor Stanley Klatka
BUS1801 Global Business Perspectives
August 31, 2015
Week 1 Discussion
What are the advantages to a consumer in the remote Amazon of buying a beauty product from a direct sales representative, over buying the product from a retail store in the nearest town?
A consumer would have direct contact with the sales representative who belongs to the same community as that of the consumer. The consumer would have an access to interaction with the sales representative and would receive feedback on the product before purchasing it. Direct sales representatives also reduce the travel time and cost traveling to a nearby town to purchase the product. Millions of women gain skills and experience in becoming entrepreneurs by working in direct sales.
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The population in this area largely consists of seasonal agricultural people with o fixed income, and the availability of 2 million Avon representatives in Brazil brings the competitive edge in promoting and marketing the products. The use of beauty products is declining in this area because it’s of no use to the agricultural population. The rules they established in this area are based on local values than global values to overcome the
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