Essay about The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiculturalism

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Multiculturalism n.

Multiculturalism is where a variety of many different cultural/ethnic groups live together within the same society. In a multicultural society, there is not an official culture that every person must be a part of. Instead, all cultures are respected as much as each other. In general, a multicultural society is formed when people from many different countries all migrate to one place. For example, 10% of the UK’s population consists of different racial groups. Multicultural cities are called cosmopolitans.


If you walk down any bustling London street, it is likely you will come across many people from different cultural backgrounds. For London now speaks over 200 languages and the diversity of different
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Many cities around the world have benefited massively from immigration and multiculturalism, most famously Toronto.

Therefore, what would our country be like if Britain had never accepted diverse cultures into our own country? Well, it would have a very different fashion industry… Never heard of The Simpsons… or Friends… Fewer sports… No World Cups… No Barbie… No Reggae… No fast food or takeaways…

Well I think you get the picture - our lives would be very different, that’s for sure.

In addition, the renowned, economically well off and most interesting cities of the world are, coincidentally, always the cosmopolitan cities. I wonder why..!

Replacement Labour Force will save the government money as they won’t have to pay immigrants so much and there will be more than enough people looking for work so every job is done.

Plus, the less well off immigrants buy the inner-city slums and regenerate them into areas full of character with lively shops and restaurants and lovely houses: which are then bought back by the ‘better off’; the immigrants then move onto another area or have more money to buy a better house.

Multiculturalism really does benefit all…


It would be naïve to deny that the lives of ethnic minorities aren’t always easy. These people must try to adapt and it’s always hard to change many aspects of their daily life. Sometimes they are treated as if
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