The Advantages and disadvantages of principled bargaining.

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Advantages of principled bargaining

Each of these four principles and other methods offer great advantages over many other types of negotiations.

Separate the people from the problem

People who involved in the negotiation would constantly hold their side's positions and make quick response to other side's activity. Therefore the problems between two sides always arise from their perception, emotion, and communication. (Fisher R., and Ury W., 1991)

In term of Fisher and Ury, perception is the basic problem among the parties. Most problems stem from the differing interpretations of the conflict between two sides. If two parties persist in the different understandings of their debate, the negotiation is likely to be difficult to achieve.
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Before reaching the agreement and solutions of the conflict, Fisher and Ury suggest that multiple solutions can be developed by brainstorming. Through that both parties might look for their mutual gains.

Insist on objective criteria

As Fisher and Ury (1991:86) state, "The more you bring standards of fairness, efficiency, or scientific merit to bear on your particular problem, the more likely you are to produce a final package that is wise and fair". When the interests are totally opposed between two parties, the negotiation process might tend to be hard and tough. In this situation, using some outside objective criteria, a decision basis that is independent of either side, is always useful. (Martin J., 2001). Resolutions based on reasonable criterion make it easier for both parties to achieve the agreement and maintain their good relationship. For instance, when people are negotiating the trade of a car, they would all consult in the same car sold elsewhere. Both the seller and the buyer consider this as objective criteria to guide the trade to be fair and reasonable.

Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

In general, most parties of negotiation will establish a "bottom line" which is left after all factors have been taken into account in advance. The bottom line is the end and worse outcome which would still just be acceptable. Being clear about the bottom line is a necessary protection against being persuaded. Any proposition under the base line
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