The Advantages of Brain Based Learning

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The Advantages 1 The Advantages of a Brain Based Learning Environment Kristen Smyrnios PSY370 Learning and the Brain Instructor: Rochelle Kilmer March 3, 2011 The Advantages 2 Abstract Brain –based learning is a comprehensive new approach to teaching by using research that has been conducted on the brain and by using the study of neuroscience. Brain-based learning emphasis how the human brain learns naturally the way it was intended. Brain-based learning is based upon what scientist currently knows about the function and structure of the brain at different developmental stages. Using the most current research and educational techniques that are brain friendly provide a biologically driven framework that will create…show more content…
The search for meaning occurs through patterning. 5. Emotions are a critical part to patterning. 6. Every brain simultaneously perceives and creates parts and wholes. 7. Learning involves both focused attention and peripheral attention. 8. Learning always involves conscious and unconscious processing. 9. We have at least two ways of organizing memory. 10. Learning is developmental. 11. Complex learning is enhanced by challenge and inhibited by a threat. 12. Every brain is uniquely designed.” These twelve principles are not intended to be comprehensive, but to offer participants the ability to explore implications in an open, reflective way. In addition to the twelve principles for learning there are specific conditions for complex learning to take place in the classroom, according to Caine and Caine, these conditions help in the overall system of brain-based learning. First of all, students should feel a relaxed The Advantages 6 alertness in their classroom atmosphere, which means that students feel a low threat with a very high challenging state of mind. Secondly, an orchestrated immersion or a multiple, complex, and authentic experience should be felt by students in the class. Lastly, students should be in a state of active processing, which is, making meaning through experience processing. ( As mentioned earlier, the brains priority is always survival, any threat throws the brain into survival
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