The Advantages of Distance Learning

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Not only are the demographics and psychographics of students changing in the 21st century, stakeholder expectations on education and lifelong learn are rapidly evolving as well. Many institutions of higher education find themselves in a position to utilize online delivery in the battle to attract and retain students. As higher education incorporates new technologies into the delivery of education, attention must be given to course delivery in order to meet the demands and expectations of the new breed of student. Dede (1996) argued that the "effectiveness of online courses depends not upon technology but upon an understanding of the medium and the application of sound pedagogical principles in using the medium" (p. 28). One of the more aggressive institutions of higher education that offers numerous online programs is a for-profit institution with 200 campuses globally and over 100 degree programs called The University of Phoenix. This institution believes in four pillars of education: professional goals, productivity, providing leadership, and the purpose of educational opportunity ( Essentially, the student of the 21st century is divergent, may or may not have the means to locate near a campus of higher education, may have a job or career and need to operate as a part-time or evening student, or may be in a global opportunity in which it is impossible to take time out for a traditional educational experience. This is particularly true now that adults
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