The Advantages of E-Textbooks Essays

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Imagine a day when youngsters would leave for school carrying nothing more than an electronic device weighing less than one pound. The advent and growing popularity of electronic textbooks may make this a reality sooner rather than later. No more students trudging around with 20 pound backpacks strapped to their backs. No more lockers jammed with textbooks and notebooks. The benefits of transitioning to e-textbooks are many and provide advantages for both students and educators. Electronic textbooks can be updated faster than traditional textbooks and can also provide resources that traditional books cannot supply. Because reprinting textbooks is expensive, they are rarely corrected and schools frequently have outdated versions that …show more content…
Emoticons are used in text messages and emails. Given how the use of such graphics has permeated everyday functions in our society, up and coming generations will feel more comfortable if educational institutions utilize such devices for classroom work. Electronic textbooks also provide resources that traditional texts cannot offer. For example, some e-books include videos or motion graphics to illustrate concepts. Interactive applications are also utilized to help with studying and test preparation. Many educators are embracing the use of electronic textbooks for a variety of reasons. Ken White, an instructor at Everett Community College, points out that some older students may have a hard time transitioning to e-textbooks but younger generations of students will be much more successful at making the conversion (Moving towards virtual textbooks). The trend seems to be that electronic devices of all sorts are becoming more and more popular. As these devices continue to permeate our culture, integrating them as soon and as frequently as possible into the classroom will help students adjust to using them now and in the future. White even uses the new textbook format because, “[Electronic textbooks] make me really look at my teaching” (Moving towards virtual textbooks). As a teacher, he is adopting the trend of going digital. By re-evaluating his teaching method, he will be able to approach his subject from a different angle that might be more
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