The Advantages of Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning System: Case Studies

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Exercise 1, Page 204: Project scope is difficult to manage. Research two businesses that have implemented an ERP system that have used change control and describe the process to determine the level of success they had with that process. Once a multifaceted corporation or company makes the decision to adopt a particular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system within their overall operational structure, the planning and implementation phases are simply the beginning of a continuous and constant process of observation, adjustment and analysis. The fields of project management and program management have been developed to direct the ever evolving series of changes and alterations made by an adaptable modern company in concert with the systemic requirements of its ERP system. Although it has been conclusively proven that "an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation can result in a synergistic fusion of marketing, purchase, R&D, production, quality control, distribution and other cross functional activities," throughout a company's hierarchy, "the implementation requires inspecting every link in the operational and decision-making chains and then modifying them to take advantage of the new systems" (Bakht, 2006). By utilizing change control to effectively predict and respond to the thousands of minor adjustments made to an ERP system, a company can mitigate the consequences of scope creep, "happens when changes are requested that are not in the initially defined
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