The Advantages of Paperless Dentistry

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With you next visit to the dentist, pretend you are a brand new patient. If you are greeted with a clipboard and looking at a whole entire wall of charts behind the reception desk, are you going to think, "Many its 2014" charts and clipboards just scream old and out dated. Whether right or wrong. It is true that patients do form beliefs about the work and quality of your dentistry based on these things. Now think if you walked in and the reception area was uncluttered, desks with computers and ipads, plants and beautiful artwork on the walls. Would you say that communicates something about your practice? Would you say that you already feel more comfortable and trusting because you trust and believe that your practice provides the best in modern dentistry? If so then you should really consider going paperless. In a thriving office you will most likely see an all-digital office. With an all-digital office you don't only spend less time charting and organizing, you also make your practice a planet friendly office. In a green dental office we understand that by converting not only charting but scheduling, billing, and marketing to digital means higher profitability, improved efficiency between staff and doctor, and of course a smaller environmental footprint. In a non-paperless dental office, they can go through an average of 10000 sheets of paper every year just for patient charts. Not included in those charts is the paper used to make the file folders themselves.
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