The Advantages of Solar Power

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Solar power has been a very popular power source in 1970’s, but lost its popularity to fossil fuels due to the potential savings. Because of the solar energy was a major component in providing power to the space crafts as during 1960’s there was space industry made their first step in serious use of technological means in powering up space crafts. This led the solar technologies and reliability to advance and cost to be reduced. But solar power for non-space applications were came into place due to the energy crisis during 1970’s. Since then solar power has been in the energy field though it hasn’t been able to make a huge impact to the field. When considering the present situation with the increase in energy needs people are starting to concern about finding alternative for non-renewable and environment polluting fossil fuels. Solar energy is one of the main alternatives. Solar energy is simply harnessing the energy of the sun. The sun creates its energy through a thermonuclear process that converts about 650,000,000 tons of hydrogen to helium every second. Through this process electromagnetic radiation and heat are created. Electromagnetic radiations including visible light, ultra-violet radiation, and infra-red radiation stream out into the space propagating in all directions. Although only a little fraction of those radiations reach the earth that radiation is capable of supplying most of the energy requirement of the earth. But the practicality of doing so has to be

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