The Advantages of Using Linux

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Its main focus has always been that of providing one of the best options for an operating system that will work for touchscreen devices. Those devices typically include various smart phones as well as what has been a newer craze as of late, tablets. Android was originally a self-operated company, however it was eventually bought out by Google, who was its greatest financial support. Linux itself is a very old operating system that was built on the platform of being free for everyone, as well as being open sourced so that anyone could have the opportunity to customize it to their liking to provide different functionalities that the particular user may need. The popularity of Linux exploded and with that and its ability for customization it has become of the most secure operating systems there is. This provided an obvious choice for it to become the core of the Android system, thus providing tremendous security for anyone that uses an Android operated device. The main features that were chosen from the Linux kernel to become assets in the Android operating system were as follows; user based permission, the ability to isolate processes, the ability to remove certain parts of the kernel that could have the potential to be insecure, and a very secure inter-processing structure for communication among various parts of the operating system. Without a doubt, the greatest advantage of the use of the…
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