The Advantages of Work & Travel Program

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Topic: The Advantages of Work & Travel Program.

Thesis: Despite its short history, WAT has many advantages such as the chance of meeting American culture, gaining work experience as well as a new outlook on life. I. The history and definition of WAT. A. The history of WAT B. Enabling of social swap C. The possiblity of travel with work D. The chance of discovering US E. Learning America with earning money F. The chance of travel with work G. The opportunity of work and travel H. Good jobs with housing I. The types of work II. Gives a chance to meet American culture A. Enables living US atmosphere
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In addition, when the student learn America and personally most crucially the student makes cash (n.d., p.1). Besides this, it is explanied in the article “Work & Travel” on page 1, this program permits the students to bring in moderate cash all together with the opportunity of tour costs and offset life for the period of their residence in WAT Advantages 5 the US (2006). These show that, WAT program offers earning money and, at the same time, the chance of balance travel expenses. Furthermore, CIEE claims that for the period of his or her summer holiday the traveler will be able to toil in a variety of work accessible in the US for a period not to exceed four months with the Work & Travel USA program. Likewise, CIEE is running intimately with company in well-liked summer holiday region (n.d., p. 1). Also BUNAC pointed out on page 1:
Most students take casual vacation jobs in the tourism or hospitality industries as this is the easiest type of work to find. Typical jobs include: Amusement park operators, waiters or waitresses, shop assistants, water park lifeguards, chambermaid and bar staff. (n.d.)
As mentioned above, although Work & Travel has a short history, it has brought many advantages to students.
Secondly, Work & Travel program gives a chance to meet American culture. As emphasized by CIEE, students have a chance that it will enable
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