The Advantiveness Of Liberal Arts Education

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The liberal arts refers to a wide variety of academic subjects such as english, math, philosophy, and social and physical sciences included in all college curriculums. The usefulness of a liberal arts education has been widely debated recently on its viability and effectiveness in preparing students for accessible occupations and societal settings. Many feel a liberal arts education is a perfect way to hone someone's skills in communication, critical thinking, and writing. Supporters of a liberal arts education find it more important to learn how to “think” rather than focus on a narrower education that trains for a specific skill or position. While others disagree with the general merits the liberal arts provide; rendering them inconsequential and inefficient as there is no specialized skill being learned. While it is true that the liberal arts does not teach one specific specialized skill, it cannot be denied that it does teach incalculable skills such as effective communication, analytical and critical thinking, and problem solving that is instrumental to being a well rounded, successful individual regardless of a person’s chosen career path.
A liberal arts education is multifaceted, as a result, it serves two main purposes: it gives students a wide range of options and opportunities to take courses from varying subject areas and it provides the core skills that many employers find valuable. I feel it allows students to acquire the fundamental, intellectual tools that

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