The Advent Of Industrialization Was Marked By Increased

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The advent of industrialization was marked by increased employment, increased scale in production in goods and services, as well as a considerable, increased in the realization of profits my huge industries. The wave of change in industrialization was not only characterized by the large-scale exploitation of alternative sources of energy that were more efficient but also increased urbanization and the large-scale exploitation of raw materials most of which were provided by nature. Such changes continuously had an increase in the degradation of the environment, particularly so as nations competed to outsmart each other in the and be the forefront in large scale production of products. The exploitation of energy sources such coal in…show more content…
The adaptation of the Kyoto Protocol took place in Kyoto Japan in the year 1997 (11th December). The implementation of the protocol, however, came into effect later in the year 2005 (February 16th). The number of states subscribed to the protocol are currently 192 as Canada 's withdrawal became effective in 2012 (December). The Kyoto Protocols role has thus been to implement UNFCC role of combatting global warming through the reduction of the concentration of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere to a desirable level that would not be necessarily dangerous (causing interference in the atmosphere and the alteration of the system in the climate) According to the Protocols article 2, it is entirely based on the principle of common but at the same time differential responsibility. In essence, the protocol places the obligation of the reduction of emissions currently in the countries that are developed as they are the ones most to blame for the high amounts of greenhouse gasses currently present in the atmosphere (Grubb et al 997). The United States, however, chose to reject the Kyoto Protocol in 2001 when George Bush took Presidential Office as the
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