The Adventure Of The Speckled Band

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Argumentative Essay As an investigator, Sherlock Holmes was not guilty for the demise of Dr. Roylott. The story, “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, when in the room of Helen Stoner, waited for evidence for the cause of Julia Stoner’s death. When both men traveled to the room of Dr. Roylott, they saw that Dr. Roylott was dead, with the speckled band-the deadliest snake in India- wrapped around Dr. Roylott’s head. The cause of Dr.Roylott’s death was not Sherlock Holmes’s accountability. Dr. Roylott had knowledge about animals from India; therefore he should have been able to control the snake. Additionally, Dr. Roylott never ended up dying when trying to kill Julia,…show more content…
Roylott knew that the snake could kill someone. When the snake came back towards Dr. Roylott when Sherlock Holmes struck it, Dr. Roylott should have known to step back, as the snake could cause his death. Nevertheless, controlling the lethal snake should have had him gain knowledge on how to halt the snake when it attacked. When the snake was hit and thrown backwards toward Dr. Roylott’s room, Dr. Roylott should have known how to save himself from being bitten. Dr. Roylott trained the snake numerous times, which was shown since the snake needed to know how to pass through the ventilator, as well as slither down the fake bell-rope, towards the victim. Finally, Dr. Roylott had been to India, where he bought the animals. Dr. Roylott had knowledge on how to control the animals since they were living in his home. If they were not trained, they would have been threatening to the household. Sherlock Holmes was not blameworthy for the death of Dr. Roylott. Dr. Roylott, when training the snake, as well as trying to execute his stepdaughters, never died previously. Every night, more than once, Dr. Roylott let the speckled band enter the ventilator to murder Julia Stoner. As frequent times as he did, he never ended up dying. Why was it that the night he tried to kill Helen Stoner, he deceased? Furthermore, when training the snake, Dr. Roylott was never bitten; therefore he did not end up dying. Since he survived before, he should have been able to
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