The Adventure of a Lifetime in J.R.R. Tolkien's Story, The Hobbit

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Many tales begin with a character going on an quest by choice, but J.R.R Tolkien’s story The Hobbit is tale about a hobbit who does nothing but stay in a hole and live a quiet life until the wizard Gandalf whisks him onto a quest to find the lonely mountain and to find his true self. The Hobbit’s main theme is Bilbo’s development into a hero, While its thesis is that an individual with integrity can overcome an obstacle in is path with the help of friends, the story shows the development of a normal hobbit to something so different than before, a Hobbit who enjoys adventure which is highly looked down upon in their society. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa in 1892.Tolkien doesn’t remember hardly anything of his time when he was in Africa. He then moved to England to live with his mother and his brother. During Tolkien’s Adult life He had many things happened. such as World War I which he puts into his books “The Lord of the Rings” series aspects such as war between people and death. He married Edith Mary Bratt at Warwick, England, at Saint Mary Immaculate Catholic Church on March 22, 1916. While he was attending Oxford he was creating languages during the last two years of his college experience. Continuing his linguistic studies, Tolkien joined the faculty of the University of Leeds in 1920 and a few years later became a professor at Oxford University. He had written many books that are read and passed generation to generation. The

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