The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain

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Natalie Kluck

Ms. Finstuen

English 11 AP

December 13 2016

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay

Huckleberry Finn is a fictional character created by Mark Twain who first appeared in the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and is the narrator of its sequel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. In the novel, Huck changes his ethical approach, the method by which he makes his decisions, as he progresses down the Mississippi River. One example of this is his perception of his dear friend, Tom Sawyer, who in the beginning he respects and honors. In the end, he realizes the dangers of the plots that appear in Tom’s imagination through the consequences the duo face. This adjustment in attitude can be noted in several separate instances
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These occurrences display the starting point of Huck’s ethical journey as he starts his physical odyssey. He will later learn that his independence goes more with his true morals and would have saved avoidable dangers.

We begin seeing Huck start to question Tom’s methods in chapter 34 of the novel. Huck offers his plan of saving Jim from the corruption of slavery and Tom does what Tom does best, offers his imaginative, threatening touch. Huck explains how he “couldn’t understand it no way at all. It was outrageous, and [he] knowed [he] ought to just up and tell him so; and be his true friend , and let him quit the thing” (225). Although, he unsuccessfully expresses this to Tom, it is the commencement of the changed mindset now becoming autonomous. He still has admiration to Tom’s additions but begins to now show grievance or even annoyance when he predicts their intrusion into his ideas as we can see when he admits “ I never said nothing because I warn’t expecting nothing different; but I knowed mighty well that whenever he got his plan ready it wouldn’t have none of them objections to it” (224). Huck realizes that the respect for each other 's plans is not two sided and with the emphasize on the him, readers can conclude the agitation in his tone from this understanding. Huck’s recognition of the audacious plans and his discontent with the unequal association present the development in the character as a dependent in the beginning into the start of a
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