The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain

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“The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain is one of the most successful literature novels in American literature. St. Petersburg, a town on the banks of the Mississippi River, is where the story plot unfolds in times leading to the Civil War. The main characters come from different backgrounds, but combine their willingness to escape what they can’t control. Huckleberry Fin “Huck Finn” is an uneducated but independent boy who gains intellect through his newly acquired experiences and from a runaway slave Jim, who is a mild-mannered but intelligent man. Both men are social outcasts, running from society’s norms and rules creating an aspiring adventure down the Mississippi River. Twain creates an emotional persona through Huck Finn…show more content…
At this point, Mark notes that Huck decided to reject “civilized” society. The first factor comes with that trait is his family included his Pap, and Window Douglas and Aunt Sally. Pap is an important role imposes on Huck’s life and behavior. In the chapter earlier, we know Huck was born in a lower level of white family with a poor and drunken Pap. His Pap appearance looks with “long and tangled and greasy hair and rags for clothes.” (Twain) it shows that Pap looks very poverty. The only thing Pap cares about is getting drunk every day until he doesn’t remember himself. Pap behaves in a very cruel way with Huck who was often abused physically. Pap is also against Huck goes to school for leaning. He prefers to teach his son to do what he orders him and keep him in the forest in the cabin away from the outside world. Huck’ life is been treat like an animal. Under such abusive, Huck attempts to escape his life free from the society and civilization and away from the rules of school. In reality of Huck’s existence under Pap, Huck is eager to have a free life. Mark Twain point out that Pap is criticizing society for trying to take away his son, but this doesn’t help Huck and only makes his life more miserable. When Pap tries to get Huck’s reward money, it shows that Pap is an inability person and inner darkness. When he has been told his Pap dead in the house, and Huck realized that Pap will not bother or abuse him ever again. As we can see
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