The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By William Twain

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1. Twain must have thought Huck carried on his ideas best, and Huck is character that is quite dynamic throughout the story because everyone heavily influences him until he decides to take control of his own life.

2. The first act would be like an introduction to Huck’s life and how he lives with the widow because of his rough life. The next act would be his escape with Jim and starting his path up the river like his call to action. Huck’s “I’ll go to hell moment,” should be act three because that is the moment the audience sees him no longer on the fence about everything. The fourth act would be the plan to help Jim escape because freedom is so close yet so far. Obviously the last act will involve catching up with the characters and providing closure for most.

3. The first one would be Huck abusive father because he seems to be the only one who can truly hold back. Jim is running away from slavery and needs to get his family back too. The Wilks sisters need to find their voice and independence. Huck also needs to find himself and not bend to others will. The main ones are solved. Huck’s father dies. Jim finds his freedom. The Wilks sisters stop the king and the dauphin. Huck presumably figures part of his life out and then the book is left in the open. The bigger scale problems of society approving of slavery is defiantly not resolved nor in the present day. Human trafficking exists. Tom Sawyer’s stupidity is also incurable.

4.Each setting within itself brought a new
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