The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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Cameron Underwood Mrs. Greenlee Honors English III June 1st, 2015 Independent Novel Project The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Knowledge Section Significance of Title When considering the background behind the novel’s title, not much is immediately apparent; for the title is literally just the main character’s name, and the affirmation that there will be some adventuring going down somewhere within the story. Further analysis is not really possible unless the name of the said protagonist is considered. The name Huckleberry does not refer to any actual huckles, or berries, or even any actual huckleberries; it instead was a slang word in the early 19th century typically used in self-deprecation that roughly meant: small, unimportant person. It was also used to describe anything that was just right for a task. Finn is a quite very Irish masculine name that means “white” or “Fair-haired.” So with that little tidbit, a clearer picture of the title is gained. This book is about an insignificant blonde guy who will go an adventure of sorts. And that’s just what Mark Twain needed. Genre and Setting Huckleberry Finn is realistic/historical fiction novel based on the pre-civil war era in America. It also could be considered a satirical novel, as a lot of the characterizations are done in an intentionally humorous way, such as Huck’s general “country bumpkin” style stupidity and mannerisms, along with Jim’s old wives tales that keep coming true, and the duke and the king’s “noble”
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