The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Study Guide

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Study Guide
-Huck Finn: He is the main character who is a realistic and raised up on southern ideals before slavery was prohibited. He must choose whether to help Jim or conform to society.
-Tom Sawyer: Huck’s best friend who appears to be a romantic whose life revolves around danger and adventure.
-Jim: Miss Watson’s runaway slave who escapes with Huck, but wants to come back for his wife and daughter.
-Miss Watson: She is the old hag who nags Huck to be civilized.
Widow Douglas: She is the foil to Miss Watson because she represents the benefits of civilization at its best.

2. Huck is used to being in the woods and having a more liberal life with no rules. They both try to force him into the cookie cutter example of the perfect son.

3. He thinks religion is boring and becomes displeased when he prays for something, and it doesn’t come true like a genie lamp. He also makes a reference that he hopes he’ll go to hell, so he can be with Tom.

-Huck believe in the saying “give a n’ an inch and he’ll the yule,” which was again referenced in Douglass’ book which reflects its is an integrated part of the South’s beliefs.
-Jim again happens to believe in the beginning of the book that he was abducted by witches and even tells stories. Huck thinks he’s crazy, but then again in Douglass’ book the whites mistaken songs for happiness, so maybe Jim isn’t as crazy as first thought.

5. Huck is a realist who always has to have a reason with…
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