The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Reflection The play, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is both a mystery and comedic production that was entertaining and enjoyable to watch. This play is primarily about Dr. Watson and his friend and colleague Sherlock Holmes, who together solve several different cases. Since there were three different cases, I would say that there were at least three different plots during the play. In the first act a woman by the name of Miss Violet Hunter accepts a job offer at Copper Beeches. After Miss Violet encounters many strange requests and events at the estate, the central mystery lies behind a locked door in the house. Once the first act ends, the second act is about a husband, Mr. Grant, questioning why his wife Mrs. Grant mysteriously asks for money and continuously sneaks in and out of the cottage near their home. As Mrs. Grant refuses to reveal her reasoning’s behind her actions, Mr. Grant asks Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson to solve the mystery. During the final act, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson aid the King of Bohemia to retrieve a photo that the Kings ex-wife threatens to send out to the Kings bride-to-be. Together, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson go undercover in trying to find and retrieve this image for the King of Bohemia. Overall, after attending this play I would highly suggest purchasing a ticket to attend this comedic mystery of a performance. Throughout the play I caught myself both intrigued and…
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